Bertha At Power Station

Meet Bertha The Bus - Introduction

Bertha At Eggborough Power Station

Bertha The Bus is a Volvo B10M Mark 3 with an Alexander PS body. First registered in 1993 with Stagecoach Cumberland, Bertha had travelled throughout the UK and eventually found herself in Andover, where she was bought by James.

Some Statistics For Bertha

Buying a Volvo B10M

One day you're sat at home and you think, maybe it's a good idea to buy a bus, restore it and take it to shows and rallies. Well, that's exactly what happened. But before buying Bertha we very nearly bought a double decker. Though, the only problem with that was the height. Wanting to drive the bus in Europe we needed a vehicle under 4 metres high, because throughout most of Europe there is a 4 metre height restriction.

Fixing Bertha Bus

Buses vary in design all over the world and taking a very typical English bus to Europe to show off was always a fun idea, especially a bus which is RHD. Even driving Bertha in the UK on the motorway gets a lot of attention; while driving back to York from Andover (where we bought Bertha) we had many people slow down to wave.

The Plan With Bertha

We're hoping to complete most of the restoration by March 2016. This should include: a full re-spray to the original Stagecoach colours of 1993, complete original seating in SC Chevron fabric, all 3 destination boards (hopefully working), all the bodywork tidying and the bus generally being in almost original standard.

We're hoping to visit as many events in 2016 as possible, please let us know if you're an event organiser and would like Bertha to appear, we're happy to travel.

Follow The Progress Of Bertha

Using our Facebook page and this section of the website you can follow the progress of restoring Bertha to SC 785 (20785), including events and antics along the way. To support the restoration of 20785 you can share this page, like our Facebook page and visit us at events.

Thank you.