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As a freelance HGV driver you may be wondering what professional insurance, or PI Insurance, you need. Working on a self-employed basis and contracting your services as a driver to haulage firms who already have vehicle insurance, may leave you thinking "do I really need any freelance driver insurance?".

Do I Need Freelance Driver Insurance?

Put very simply, no. It doesn't matter if you're a sole trader or if you operate under the umbrella of a limited company, legally you don't need public liability or professional indemnity insurance while operating as a freelance driver. However, with that said, it's not to say you shouldn't get insurance.

What is Freelance Driver Insurance?

You may have heard the term professional indemnity insurance or public liability insurance mentioned. Now that you know you don't need it, the question is what is it? Well, without going into too much detail about all the different types of individual cover, we'll just look at the above in one group.

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Let's say you're working for a company as a freelance driver and the company is sending you from York to Glasgow in their lorry. Now, the lorry has accident insurance which covers you (the driver) and the vehicle in the event of an accident, but this insurance doesn't cover against a driver error. For this example we'll say instead of Glasgow you drove to Glastonbury, easy mistake? Because of the error, the company you're contracting for isn't best pleased, you've cost them a fortune in fuel, loss of earnings and by not delivering on-time you've cost them the Glasgow contract. So they decide to sue you and this is where the freelance insurance is used.

Should I Get Freelancer Insurance?

If you're working for an agency you'll never need any insurance as the agency will cover any public liability insurance necessary for your actions. Working directly for companies however is very different and I'd strongly recommend taking out freelancer insurance. The insurance will also give you peace of mind that you are covered, should any mistakes happen while working.

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Cost Of Freelancer Insurance

This can vary depending on your circumstances, though to give you a rough idea I was quoted £40 a year for basic insurance cover and a cheap insurance is better than none at all.


There's no legal requirement to take out public liability or professional indemnity insurance for a freelance driver who is operating alone as a sole trader or is the only employee of their own company. Lots of drivers who work directly for companies as freelance drivers don't have any insurance, but for the cost, it's peace of mind and it also makes you look more professional when contacting companies.

None of the above is legal advice and is only through my research and experience.